Scott & Weber creates workspaces tailored to your specific needs and corporate identity. We take care of everything from sourcing the location, design, realization and operation management.

Big companies need to handle big things

however, they don't have to set-up inspiring and highly functional workspaces! Scott & Weber creates your private and beautifully designed office space that reflects your brand, with flexible lease terms and excellent operational support.


  • Location

    We find the ideal location for you. Either in our buildings or in another property, securing the best deal, signing a longterm lease and taking over capital expenses.

  • Workplace Strategy

    We'll find out how your teams work. Define your workspace strategy, business objectives and working our architects and technology with specialists, we design the final layout.

  • Tailor Made Solution

    Custom office buildout tailored to reflect your company identity. We cover everything from design, construction, furnishing, branding to IT set-up.

  • We Manage the Operations

    All elements of the office operations are taken care of once you've moved in. From front-desk service, facilities, IT, security to employee events.


Office Suites
20+ members

Move-in ready office for large teams, customized to your team with own meeting room, phone booth and mix of privacy and the benefits of an inspiring community. Designed for teams 20+.

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Requirements: 50 workspaces with immediate availability, branding and professional ICT solutions. custom layout,
Solution: Private offices with own branding, private meeting room, telescopic telephone booths and access to coworking space.
Delivery: 14 days
  • Time to market - ready move in - fast delivery centers. Ready to move in within 14 days.
  • Access to Urban Paradise Coworking Hub (550 m2). Access to member events.
  • Professional IT solution Fortinet / Fortigate. High speed dedicated internet 500/500 Mbps with backup connection. 24x7 monitoring with SLA contract. VLAN, NAT, 6x public static IP address, managed wifi.

Enterprise Workspace
50-200 members

Large office space solutions on a private floor or with your own entrance, own branding and tailored services. We will help you to select a new location, define your workspace strategy, design, build, furnish, brand and manage your brand-new space.

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Requirements: 170 workstations, private office space on a private floor, tailormade solutions from workspace strategy and design, construction, fit-out, equipment purchase, furnishing, branding and managing all client services.
Solution: Enterprise solution / new custom buildout
Delivery: 4 month
  • Time Savings , CapEx, OpEx.
  • Flexible short-term contract
  • One monthly invoice

Coworking for Enterprise Teams

Membership for larger teams with access to coworking spaces. Become part of a vibrant community and access exclusive events.

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  • Cost Effectiveness

    Our flexible workspace solutions provide big time and cost savings. Set-up time is cut from month to weeks. No investment costs for construction, furniture, technology or personnel. Only one monthly fee and a simple contract.

  • Flexibility and Convenience for Employees

    Flexible contract terms and prime business locations make Scott & Weber the perfect solution for your enterprise needs.

  • Productivity

    Enhance your employees' motivation and productivity through easy interaction with our community of talented professionals, innovators and exciting start-ups.

  • Company Branding

    We design workspaces with a strategic layout and fit-out that always reflects your company's culture and business goals.

Scott & Weber has more than 10 years of experience in designing and operating flexible workspaces for growing companies with 100+ members. We understand how people want to work, we follow and implement new trends affecting work performance, satisfaction and well-being. Whether you're in need of Office Suites, a private floor or support of your headquarters, our architects and technology experts can bring your vision to life.

Adam Zvada, founder and CEO of Scott & Weber

Over 1000 clients used our services.