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Become a part of something unique. We strive to create an ecosystem - a community of talented professionals. We love people, relationships and we believe in cooperation. The Scott & Weber community is different from other coworking centers - more advanced, quieter, yet still with fun and community all around you.

Scott & Weber is heading to the new Flow Building on Wenceslas Square

Scott & Weber is heading to the new ultra-modern Flow Building on Wenceslas Square, and is ready to open another boutique coworking place with private offices. “The presence in the Flow Building is a milestone for us, it will be our flagship project,” says Adam Zvada, CEO of Scott & Weber. After opening the new coworking center in Praga Studios at Karlín, where are the new Urban Paradise coworking center and private offices located, it will be the second coworking space of this company in the most desirable place - in the very center of Prague.The Flow Building boasts perfect design and the latest technology solutions. The design of the offices and the coworking space of the Scott & Weber in this seven-storey building will be managed by architectural studio Chapman Taylor. According to Lenka Hrudíková from the company C… Read more

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